Saturday, 27 December 2008

The French are coming

Then I started with my French troops.

I began with one of the most colourful units in the American theatre - the hussars and lancers of the Volontaires Etrangers de Lauzun, also known as "Lauzun's Legion". Unfortunately I did not know any producer who had them in his programme; only the Old Glory figures, and those didn't suit my taste of figures.

So I turned to using SYW hussars by Front Rank. The "chef de la troupe" was converted from a Prussian hussar officer in fur cap. It wasn't too difficult: I just had to minimise his moustaches and add his typical black and white crest, which was achieved by drilling a hole in his hat, and inserting a wire I had formed into the right form by soldering. The rest was paintig.

Voila, may I introduce you to his Highness, Armand Louis de Gontaut, Duc de Lauzun.

He is wearing one of his six uniforms he took with him to America, the one in which he attended the surrender ceremony at Yorltown.

I chose this one because it is the most splendid which well fits this extravagant man.

His cavalry was more of a problem. I took the SYW French hussars by Front Rank and equipped half of them with lances. I was not too much bothered by the fact that they are wearing pelisses. I decided that in my regiment of hussars and lancers they had simply not yet been lost (or sold).

"Attaquè!" (Bloody Ban and his British Legion dragoons have just been sighted.)

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