Saturday, 3 January 2009

Blueberry Farm

I have just finished my first buildings, a two-room log cabin farm house and well and a thatch-roofed barn.
The farm building I found quite interesting as it does not correspond with the stereotype idea of a log cabin. I found photos of this historic type of building on the internet, and knew I had to build it.
The ground structure is plywood, the "logs" are imitated with thin boards of balsa wood (which is easy cutting into shape with a sharp knife). The intervals are filled with filler.
The shingle roof is imitated by rows of thin cardboard, into which I cut slits, and the wood structure is produced with the help of glue stiffened paint and a coarse brush.
The door has got hinges and can be opened. And inside on the ground floor there is an open fireplace with a copper kettle. It doesn't make any sense in wargaming, but I enjoyed making it.

A look through the window at the fireplace.

With the barn walls and roof I experimented. The ground structure is again plywood. For the walls it was covered with filler, which was then modelled into boards, and with stripes of thin cardboard which were structured and painted as weather-beaten wood. Both methods I find practicable, the second one producing a less weather-beaten look.
The roof plates were covered with thin sheets of styrene which were then structured and painted in my well-tried method. The ridge was built up of thin cardboard with a layer of single sisal fibres glued on, kept in place by beams laid across. The colouring does the rest.
The gates are made from cheese-box wood, the hinges from sheet metal of an old cigarette box. (Never throw anything away, you might find it useful one day, as my grandfather said.)

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AlFront said...

An excellent touch - the fireplace!