Friday, 6 February 2009

Allied Headquarters

La Siège de Yorktown le 17 Aout 1781
by Louis-Charles-Auguste Couderc (sometimes spelled Couder)

Since I had come across a picture of the painting “La Siège de Yorktown le 17 Aout 1781” by Louis-Charles-Auguste Couderc (which is at Versailles today) I had been pondering about constructing Washington’s and Rochambeau’s headquarters tent which is to be seen behind them.
I sat down at my desk with ruler, angle and pencil and conceived a paper model. After testing it I drew the final plan.

(You may copy and use the plan if you like.)

Then I copied the drawing to thin cardboard and cut out the parts, glued them together and painted the whole thing. As a base I took a bit of thin plywood.
The flags to the left and right of the tent can be identified as the French and the American colours. I doubt whether this is historically correct. I would expect the personal colours of the commanding officers instead. As the colours of both, General Washington and Maréchal Rochambeau, are known, I decided to use these. So you can see the French commander’s colours at the left, and those of Washington at the right. I wonder if the obverse wouldn’t have been correct, as the American was Commander-in-Chief.


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