Sunday, 20 December 2009

British Legion Artillery

One arm of my British Legion was still missing - the artillery.
Of course the Legion did not really contain artillery. But the infantry had regimental guns, as far as I know. The question was: What did they look like? Which uniform did the gunners wear? No information to be got. Perhaps they did not exist after all.
But I wanted my Legion to have a regimental gun!
I purchased a set of Royal Artillery in cap hats with a 3-pounder from Perry Miniatures, gave them the green uniforms of the infantry, only with green breeches for practical reasons - their greasy job wouldn't allow white ones, I thought. I didn't bother to remove the feathers on their caps, just painted them green, and provided the peaks of their caps with the "BL" cipher of my infantry.
Somehow they seem to look authentic, don't they?

If somebody can tell me that I am completely on the wrong track, please comment.

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