Sunday, 27 December 2009

A new French mortar

I have made a new model of a French mortar. This time it is not a Coehorn mortar but a really huge thing: a 24pdr mortar of the French artillery which was used in fortresses.
The model is about 5cm long and 2cm wide as you can see from the centimetre grid. The model consists of the "affût" (bed), the "coussinet" (cushion) and the barrel. Elevation is achieved with the help of wooden wedges hammered in between the barrel and the "coussinet"
As I have no gunners to man it yet, I have used my Redoubt FIW French artillerymen again, although their uniforms show the blue smallclothes of the AWI period. They will, however, give you a better impression of the size of the monstrous piece, I think.
Redoubt have shown interest in making a mould of it. Let's see what will become of it.
This picture by Moltzheim shows a mortar battery at about 1720. The men are occupied directing the mortar with the help of a quadrant and handspikes.
In the second picture (by Eugene Leliepvre from LE CIMIER Ancien Regime, serie 14) we can see a general of 1735 supervising the directing done by an officer. In the background two men are carrying a bomb hung on a pole by its "ears".
In both cases the mortars are obviously of smaller calibre than my model.

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