Friday, 26 February 2010

Régiment de Walsh 1779

Unfortunately no regiment of the Irish Brigade was present at Yorktown - at least on land (there were some soldiers serving as "Marines" on ships of De Grasse's fleet, though). They were only involved in the ill-fated Savannah expedition of Vice-Admiral Charles Hector, Comte D'Estaing in 1779. Among them one battalion of the Régiment de Walsh.
But fortunately my fellow wargamers are not so much inclined to re-write history by sticking to historical battles and find out what the world would be like if...
So I was free to re-create one of my favourite Irish regiments in service of the French Crown, the Régiment de Walsh. As it was present on North-American soil with only one battalion, I saved myself having to paint the whole regiment. But one battalion with 532 soldiers is still quite a number of figures at a ratio of 1 : 20. .

I chose the "French Revolutionary Army" range of Foundry figures, and gave them the Drapeau d'Ordonnance with its St. George's Cross. What might the British have felt being confronted with this symbol carried by Redcoats?

The figures are well sculptured and paint easily . They are a bit smaller than the AWI figures, though. But as a unit that doesn't matter so much.
I didn't bother to pinch off their plumes - the hats are a bit too "modern" anyhow.

So here they are, giving some colour to my French troops.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Bravo - a lovely regiment!