Friday, 5 March 2010

6-pdr Gribeauval Field Cannon

When I was at the fair in Kulmbach ("Zinnfigurenbörse") last year, I bought a model of a 6pdr Gribeauval cannon from a German producer, with the idea of incorporating it into my French Corps Expéditionnaire for Yorktown.

I knew quite well that the model was too "modern", representing the type of gun used in 1803. But the model was too tempting, and why shouldn't the French have brought their newest type of cannon?

The model by Martin Leesch from Radebeul in Saxony is exceptional, indeed. It is meticulously sculptured and well to size, extremely detailed (with smear bucket underneath!), and has rotating wheels and removable ammunition box! Martin really is a model fetishist.

The gun hidden behind its gabioned fieldwork.

Unfortunately you can't see his models on-line. But it is worthwhile to write to him and have his catalogue page sent.
(Martin Leesch, Karlstraße 9, D-01445 Radebeuel, Tel: 0351 8 30 19 52)
I manned my new gun with artillerymen of Foundry Miniature's "Early Napoleonic" range, which are quite suitable. And I positioned the piece behind a gabioned earthwork which I made with the same material as the parapet of the mortar battery (cf. post of 24 February 2010).

A war-god's view

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