Thursday, 15 April 2010

L'État Major

Thanks to the figures of Perry's "French High Command" I was now able to establish part of my Allied Headquarters. Maréchal de Rochambeau is there, discussing plans with Maréchal de Camp Saint Simon. The Duc de Lauzun has joined them now. Also there is the Marquis de Chastellux, liaison officer to General Washington. The latter however is missing, together with his American staff officers. I know that there are some figures at Old Glory - but they wouldn't match the excellent Perry figures! So I abstained from buying them. A good idea was, I think, to have a Commissaire ordonnateur handing out a message to an Aide de Camp. What would be an army without logistics! An ingenieur with his big telescope, planning the siege of Yorktown, and an ingenieur géographe rummaging in his pouch for the right map, show that the French expeditionary corps in America was part of a very professional army, indeed, where nothing was left to Marshall Chance.
Comte de Rochambeau (with map of Yorktown siege)

Marquis de Saint Simon

Marquis de Chastellux

Commissaire Ordonnateur with Aide de Camp

ingénieurs (the second one originally a porte-drapeau who got a cane instead of his flag staff)
ingénieurs géographs
The figures will populate my Allied Headquarters, though their military value is not to be weighed in wargaming.


AD said...

Excellent work!

Blue Max said...

Great work!
Where did you find the tent ?

Fridericus said...

I built the tent myself. Look at
It is quite easy to build.