Monday, 26 July 2010

Grenadiers de Bourbonnois

I have now finished my French grenadiers that I bought from Spencer Smith Miniatures, Tradition of London. They are 30mm figures, and as such a bit too tall for my 28mm miniatures. So I can't mix them with other figures - except as a unit. But I like their style. They look darn French, don't they.
I painted them as the grenadier company of the RĂ©giment de Bourbonnois in their 1779 regulation uniforms with black facing colour on the cuffs and the piping of lapels, shoulder straps and collars.
Unfortunately Spencer Smith have not made fusiliers, chasseurs, a porte-drapeau and a colonel. So they will stay a single company of grenadiers, consisting of 1 officer, 1 drummer, and 4 grenadiers.
They are advancing without knapsacks and water bottles, with fixed bayonets. Ready to attack redoubt 9 at Yorktown, as it seems.

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paintpig said...


I love these old style sculpts Fredericus. It is my mission that before the end of the year to purchase a Spencer Smith or Willies Battalion and paint a unit from Charles Grants 'The Wargame', maybe even a Graff von Grunt just like the book.