Saturday, 18 August 2012

French artillery reinforcements

This is not really a new post. It just slumbered in the archives to be published now.
After I had seen Perry's new French artillery figures I was sure I would have to reinforce my French artillery arm. Having read John D. Grainger's "The Battle of Yorktown, 1781. A Reassessment" I decided on two 24pounders manned by a crew of 6 each and a 12pdr cannon with 4 artillerymen.
24pdr siege gun
The figures turned out to be nicely sculpted and interesting in their poses. I especially like the officer pointing with his cane.
Heavy 24pdr being set by crew with handspikes
Painting them posed no big difficulties as their uniform is well known, and the French Army did me the favour not to change things too much in the field. The gaiters I painted white, though black ones were worn in winter and would have been more practical working the greasy pieces. But that is a rather bourgeois kind of attitude becoming the 19th century. And White was the King's colour, after all.
Firing a "Swedish" 4pdr

Old fashioned 4pdr field gun

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