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Régiment de Soissonois

Régiment de Soissonois (2 battalions)
This regiment, consisting of two battalions, came with the expeditionary force of Compte de Rochambeau directly from France. As the new uniform regulations of 1779 were just one year old, the regiment departed for America partly in their old coats. They were replaced or re-tailored at Newport and on the march south.
New uniform (1779 regulation)
Old uniform (1776 regulation)
So I clothed my regiment in the new uniforms, using Perry figures, and some companies in the old 1776 outfit, using Front Rank miniatures.
Grenadier company
Grenadiers (with epaulettes)

The grenadiers of this regiment did not give up their red fringed epaulettes, nor their bearskin caps. Experience might have taught them, that these items made more impression on the opposite sex. The epaulettes I achieved with some modelling stuff.  Not so tedious with a company of just four figures.
Drummers wore coats in the King's blue, adorned with Royal lace. This I tried to imitate with white lines dotted red.
King's Colours (drapeau de colonel)
French colours are not difficult to obtain: It is not really difficult to paint the white cross on a sheet of thin metal (e.g. from an old wine bottle) measuring 3 by 3 cm, and add the red and black of the regimental colour, the design being geometric.
Regimental colours (drapeau d'ordonnance)
The colour scheme of the regimental flag is a bit of a controversy: Some depict the first quarter as black over red, others as red over black (as my colours show). The latter is favoured by French sources. So I followed them.
The heads of the flags are Front Rank, the poles steel wire cut to the appropriate length.
Colonel Marquis de St Maime
Chasseurs (light company)

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