Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mortar revised

This is the model of a French 10 inch Gribeauval mortar by Front Rank. It is a nicely sculpted model of the most modern mortar of the period. I must say I really like it. However, ...
... a drawing of the original piece reveals that the model has got two major flaws: The handle on the barrel is missing, and so is the powder chamber. The latter is absolutely nessessary, because the powder for the ignition must be kept in place over the ignition hole when the barrel is elevated. And the handle is needed in the process of elevating the barrel, and to lift the barrel onto the carriage. Barrel and carriage were transported on sparate carts!
So I had to do some tinkering again.
The handle was not so difficult to make. A bit of brass wire of the right diametre bent into the right form. That was it. To glue it to the barrel proved a lot more tricky. But with the help of a bit of modeller's putty this problem could be solved. I mixed a tiny ammount of two-component-glue, dipped the ends of the handle into it, and put the thing into its position.
(In this case this was done after painting the thing.)
The powder chamber was modelled with a bit of grey stuff. Not really a difficult job.

The colouring was easy: The barrel was painted as bronze, with black in the muzzle and near the powder chamber. The wooden parts of the carriage were painted blue in the customary French colour, and the iron parts black.
I am quite content with the result. Of course it would have been easier if the modeller had not forgotten the two items on the barrel!

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