Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New French Limber

I have just finished one more limber for my French artillery park. It is a combination of various products:
Horses and driver (who got a queeu added) are from Dixon Miniatures painted as a French artillery driver with light blue facings. The limber itself is a product of Martin Leesch from Radebeul in Germany, who does very accurate models. It originally belonged to his "L'artillerie Napoléonienne - Obusier de 8 Système de l'an XI". And the 4pounder in travelling position is a very detailed and precise model by Zens Nürnberger Zinnmodelle. The firm does no longer exist. But I managed to lay my hands onto some remnants at the Kulmbach Tin Figure Fair (Kulmbacher Zinnfigurenbörse) in 2011.


Chris Stoesen said...

Very nice. Does the artillery piece come off of the limber so you can deploy it or do you have to use a separate model?

Fridericus said...

It does come off, but I use a separate model as I don't want to change the barrel position (cf. the 4pdr in the previous post).