Friday, 26 October 2012

Régiment de Foix

The regiment which recruited in the province of Foix in southern France (on the foot of the Pyrenees), was established in 1684. It fought in many wars, and in 1776 it was sent to the Caribbean, where it captured the island of Grenada from the British. For the Franco-American attempt to take Savannah in the autumn of 1779 under Lieutenant General Admiral Jean Baptiste Charles Henri Hector, Comte d'Estaing , a battalion was formed of detachments drawn from the regiment. This is why my battalion contains grenadiers of the 1st battalion and chasseurs of the 2nd battalion.
Which of the two colours this composed battalion carried is not known.
 I decided to take the drapeu d'ordonnance (regimental colours), since the purely white drapeau de colonel (King's colours) seemed too boring to me with all that white.
I even violated historical truth further in giving the battalion the colours of 1780 which show the words "FIDELIS FELIX FORTIS" (Faithful Fortunate Strong) - just for a change, well knowing that the colours the regiment might have carried at Savannah probably showed the earlier version.
From 1776 to 1779 the uniform was the usual white, with green cuffs and lapels, a yellow collar, and brass buttons. This uniform was probably still worn at Savannah because the regiment came from the West Indies and would probably not have had a chance to get the new uniform prescribed in the Royal Warrant of 1779.
As figures I chose the Perry ones in the uniform of 1776.
My soldiers wear a tricolour cockade: over the white cockade of the French King, they have added a black ribbon for the Americans, and a red one for Spain. This was usually done by the regiments from the West Indies, in honour of their allies.
The colours
Colonel, reading his orders



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Splendid looking unit.
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