Friday, 22 February 2013

3rd New York Regiment

This regiment has been waiting in reserve for quite some time - because my camera refused to make pictures of them. And then I had to re-colour the ensign. Somehow I had got the idea that their original flag had a green ground. Probably because the facing colour was green.
This time I used my printer for the complicated flag, and just added some brush strokes.
There is not much to be said about this unit. Their ensign has been preserved in a museum in the USA, their uniform (as far as they had one) is well documented.
As figures I used a mix of different brands (as I always like to do). There are all sorts of Perries, and some Front Ranks.

I based some of my regiments individually (cf. older posts). Their bases are metal with magnetic tape underneath, so I can group them as desired on iron squares like this one
I just like to re-group some of my regiments.

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