Thursday, 21 February 2013

Farmer's Carts

Among my old collection of vehicles I had some carts which were produced several years ago by Zens Nürnberger Zinnmodelle. They are beautiful models, I think. Very accurately done and detailed, with large wheels which were typical for this type of cart. So I decided to activate them as farmer's carts for my AWI scene. They could serve as hired supply vehicles for the American or British side.
Two types of drivers I found at Minden Miniatures, and the draft horses were supplied by Dixon Miniatures from their Old West stagecoach horses (STGH 3 and 4). Their harnesses might not be historically correct, but they look old-fashioned enough for my taste. As you will notice I didn't bother to give them reigns.

One of the carts was loaded with some tools I found in my scrap heap, a spade, a pickaxe and an axe.
Cart with tools (the driver's bench was added, too)
Note the bucket at the rear.

The second one was supplied my a barrel of wine. Perhaps it could be delivered to the French army.
The barrel I found at the Miniature Fair at Kulmbach

The third cart was left as it was.

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