Monday, 25 February 2013

Washington's Coach

The model of the coach is produced by Peter Ewald Kovar, Lichtensteinstra├če 66/5, A-1090 Wien, Austria. It is a bit oversized as all of Kovar's Models, I must admit. But I got the kit of the model second-hand at one of our club meetings for little money, and at once developped a liking for it. So I started assembling it. That was not too difficult.
It is a true model of the historical coach of President Washington which was preserved to our day and is kept at Mount Vernon, Virginia. You can easily find photos of it on the web.
Washington's Coach at Mount Vernon, Virginia
For the driver and the horses I chose figures of Front Rank Miniatures. Their heavy draft horses are the most heavy ones I could find. But as almost all wargaming figures they follow the convention that they are under-sized compared to a pedestrian figure. And so are horsemen and drivers, too. The horses look a bit pony-express-like, and the driver has the stature of a child, with short legs that do not reach the foot-rest.
The coach seen from a slightly different angle.
But still, this could represent the coach of a Commanding General of the period, who would prefer travelling on a coach to riding on horse-back a whole day. Only cavalry had the callous bottoms required for that.

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