Monday, 25 March 2013

British Powder Cart

Just a short post. I have finished the powder cart for my Hessian battalion guns that I intend to add to my Rall grenadiers.
The cart and horses are Hinchliffe figures: a horse-drawn powder cart (EG 44) and an extra horse (EH 7). The driver is a Minden Miniatures figure with an added whip.
These powder carts contained three powder-kegs in the center, and a number of catridges and shot in the side compartments.
The plan by Norman John (1748-1817) shows such a cart of a slightly different construction. The colour of the vehicle is the same as that of the Hessian guns shown in a contemporary painting of Washington at Princeton. The "roof" of the cart was covered with oilcloth in order to keep out moisture. So I painted it in a reddish tone, hoping that the oilcloth of the time had that colour.


Giles said...

Very nice! I didn't know about the colour of the cover - very interesting.

Best wishes


Fridericus said...

Hello, Giles,
Thank you very much for your friendly comment. From the number of comments I received I got the impression that nobody was interested in my attempts.
I am not so sure about the colour of the cover. But the red certainly is an eye-catcher.
I have been at your blog several times in the past. I like your way of painting, and I appreciate your researches. If you don't object I will add it to my blog list.