Friday, 29 March 2013

Indian Scouting Party

 I have now finished the first lot of Red Indians, a Mohawk scouting party.

The figures are Galloping Major and Redoubt miniatures. They are just reading a track near a landmark, the Tipping Stone (it only existed in my imagination before it became "reality"). The Tipping Stone is a real pebble from the glacial valley of the Rhine river, which nowadays lies on the high bank hill above our house in Bonn. And so is the rock it lies on. Both have got a bit of make-up, though. The half-dead tree once was a root in our garden I picked up when toiling away.
The track readers
Some of the Mohawks (Galloping Major)

The outlook near the Tipping Stone (Redoubt Enterprises)

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Lance Cawkwell said...

The Galloping Major and Redoubt Indians work very nicely together - nice work.