Monday, 29 April 2013

American Supply Wagon

Having bought several vintage sets of wagons (Zens Nürnberger Zinnmodelle) at the Kulmbach Fair I decided to transform one of them into an American supply wagon.
 The wagon type is typical for German horse wagons of the 19th and early 20th centuries. As there were a lot of Germans living in Pennsylvania, I thought I might use this type of wagon for their troops. I just added a canvas covered tarred lid (cardboard and a bit of cloth from a marmalade lid), and painted the whole thing in a withered wood colour (these wagons were not painted but the wood was left raw).
The lid was coloured with VanDyke Brown and a washing of Ivory Black.
The horses are Front Rank heavy draft horses, the driver is a Dixon figure from their artillery limber. The traces I made myself, carving a mould and casting them.
I do not know if any wagon like this ever saw service in the Colonies. But as nobody lives who can say that he never saw any wagon like this in the American Revolution, I take the risk to be wrong.

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