Thursday, 2 May 2013

Chester County Associators

Out of regard for the large proportion of Quaker settlers in Pennsylvania the militias there called themselves "associators". So this is the militia of Chester County in Pennsylvania.
Chester County Associators
The flag of this militia unit was preserved by Robert Wilson who was responsible for the militia's equipment. Thus this singular item is now in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It is assured by traditional account and recent research to have flown in the Battle of Brandywine on 11th September 1777.
So I chose this flag for my militia regiment, seizing the opportunity to have an early example of the Stars-and-Stripes for my associators.
I removed the flagpole of my ensign, though, drilled the hands open, and inserted a steel wire, to which I glued the flag (my own attempt) and the point with the tassels (Front Rank product).

My regiment consists of a mixture of figures again. Most are from Redoubt Enterprises (AWA 50 - Standing comand, AWA 51 - Standing firing, AWA 52 - Standing loading, AWA 54 - Advancing), some are Perry figures (AW 175 - Northern Militia Firing Line), and the standard-bearer is by Dixon Miniatures (AR 11 - Ensign - raised standard). He is the only uniformed man in the unit.
The figures are not all the same size, some are almost 30mm ones. But people are of different sizes, aren't they? And I rather like the types of people assembled here. There is the giant bully with the red cap, there are farmers, townspeople, hunters, a backwoods man, the city clerk who has lost his hat, and the old man from the French and Indian War.
A group of militiamen advancing
The figures are individually based again, so I can group them and regroup them, when I feel like it. A they can fire in open order from behind a stone wall, or stand in compact formation to deliver their volley.
One of the officers (at the right) seems to be an ex-sailor.

The firing line
It was great fun painting them.

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