Friday, 31 May 2013

Hessian Artillery

Hessian regimental guns were manned by gunners of the artillery corps. So I bought two sets of Hessian artillery from Perry for my Grenadier-Regiment Rall. The uniforms are well documented, so painting the soldiers did not really pose a problem. The grey colour of the carriages I took from Peale's painting "Washington at Princeton", which shows the captured guns.
Perry's firing and loading crews come together with Swedish 4-pounder guns. My problem: Regiment Rall had 3-pounders at Trenton. They were lost there when the regiment was crushed and surrendered.
So I can use my Hessian gunners with their 4-pounders for any other Hessian unit (up to now I could, however, not verify whether they had this calibre at all).
Loading crew with Swedish 4-pounder cannon
 Even the 4-pounder looks a bit small: The thumb of the NCO is well above the barrel.
Another angle of the 4 pounder
For my Regiment Rall I had to get two 3-pounders somewhere else. I bought two guns from Fife & Drum Miniatures. The grasshopper comes as a set with a draft-horse. Really a very nice model.
Grasshopper gun by Fife&Drum Miniatures
 The gun is tiny, and I am not sure whether Rall's Hessians had this type of gun.
Firing Crew with 3-pounder grasshopper gun
Seen from the Front
The NCO in charge of the piece is clearly discernible by his white and red  hat pompon.
An alternative would be the British 3-pounders by Hinchliffe that are drawn by limbers.
British batallion 3-pounders with limbers (and drivers by Minden Miniatures)
They look alright with their Minden drivers, don't they?
They are 25mm, however, and so are tiny guns as well, even with the longer variant of barrel:
My Hessian firing crew with a Hinchliffe 3-pounder

Hinchliffe's powder cart can well be used with them.
Hinchliffe powder cart with 2 heavy draft horses and Minden driver
I will go on trying to find 3-pounders that fit the Hessian crews a bit better.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice painting!

Those guns are really small in real life too...

I found this to give you an idea of scale..

...there are some more pictures about half way down this page...

Fridericus said...

Thank you very much! Really comforting.