Saturday, 9 November 2013

Red Bull Tavern

I thought a massive stone building on the table might be something like a fortress for the party who took possession of it first. (A nice scenario, isn't it?)
McConkey's Ferry Inn, where Washington stayed before crossing the Delaware

For an isolated building only a country tavern came into account. I studied several historical buildings and then constructed one, following my own ideas. A slight remembrance of McConkey's Ferry Inn is not to be denied.
Red Bull Tavern, a product of my imagination
My house is built of quarried stone walls, has got an upper story and a verandah. The roof and the upper floor are made detachable. I even cherished the luxury of interior walls and a staircase. I even didn't forget the door to the wine cellar!
The ground floor
The upper floor
As material I used plywood, cardboard, and all kinds of scrap wood from my collection. For the wall structure I used a model railway maker's mold  for a quarry stone wall, which I filled with a mixture of waste paper, white glue and a filler. And finally I used two sheets of slate roof to cover my building. The windows I bought from a producer of architect's material.
Front view
Rear view

The tavern sign


CelticCurmudgeon said...

I cannot believe that this super excellent construction has not been praised to the rafters. This is one of the best scratch built models I've seen in the last forty years. Well done, I say. Well done!
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

Fridericus said...

Thank you very much, Jerry, for your euphoric words. I am extremely flattered, I must say. You should have seen me blush.

Bluewillow said...

great work!