Saturday, 9 November 2013

The tents are ready

I have devised a ridge tent for my figures. In the Internet I found the site of a firm that produces tents for re-enactors. So it wasn't necessary to do all the research myself. I just had to use their measures, do a bit of arithmetic (feet and inches to cm, and reality size to model size, 1:56).
Adopted drawing from the tent-maker's website (measures in cm)

The rest was drawing and remembering my geometry lessons. And printing my work onto thin cardboard, of course (4 tents per page).
My finished tent layout of a French or American Ridge tent with half-bell
Then I started building my first tent.
First I cut it out, folded it, and glued it together. Like this:
The cardboard tent
Then I prepared the base of thick cardboard. I cut it to size (about 5x9 cm), drilled the holes for the tent poles and the pegs (when I did my first tent I forgot to drill four holes on the long sides of the tent, I corrected this later). I cut two poles from tooth pricks (3.7cm), and glued them into their holes. Then I painted the tent floor in ocre (later it would be difficult to reach all the edges).
The base with the tent poles
The next step was adding the cardboard tent, and gluing the pegs (tips of tooth pricks) into their holes. The peg for the tent line was glued in later, in order to be able to straighten the line which might come loose by the cardboard base bending in the process of painting it. At the moment it is just stuck into its hole to hold the line in place.
The assembled tent
Then I painted the base an olive green and put grass around my tent. I also added some paint to the edges and "seams". And finally I straightened the line and glued in the last peg.
The finished tent (sideview)

Front side

Rear with the half-bell
The ridge of my tent model is a bit straight, I must confess. But it does not look too bad, I think.
One of the flaps I threw open, put some straw inside, and added the closing tassels to the flap.

Waiting for my Perry camp figures to be painted.

At the moment they look somewhat "ghostlike" or like virtual figures.


Chris Stoesen said...

Those are really nice tents. Good job.

Fridericus said...

Thank you Chris for your appreciation!