Saturday, 30 November 2013

Water Cart

In order to transport water from one of the wells or the stream to the troops I needed another water cart with a barrel.
My first one was an old model by Erich Erich which I had bought decades ago for my army of flats. It was a nice water cart with a tapped barrel. However there was no draft animal nor a drover. So I bought these from Front Rank Miniatures, a nice looking ox and a drover in a smock.

The drover is a bit chubby, and he carried a whip. I didn't mind the physical appearance so much. There are chubby people, aren't there. And the whip I could easily be exchanged for a prick. At that time (in 2009) I was about to build my French expeditionary force. So the cart was painted blue, which limits its usability though. But I left it as it was (for historical reasons of my collection, so to speak).
With my new water cart I avoided this mistake: It is colored in a neutral wood tone. And I scratch-built it, using a fat barrel I had picked up at a fair (don't ask me from whom). As wheels I used a pair from a somewhat over-sized model of a 3-pounder galloper gun by an Austrian producer. They might go for those over-sized wheels  on agricultural vehicles which were customary in the 18th century. (These big wheels made transport easier on muddy roads, because of their large diameter and broad tires.)
The drover is a Minden miniature who was equipped with a prick by drilling a hole into his right hand and fitting in a bit of wire sharpened at the end.
The oxen are a pair from Mirliton Miniatures from Italy, the yoke originally belonged to a pair of draft oxen from Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot. The original animals are quite nice, too. But I needed walking animals because the drover is walking.
 The oxen I painted as New England cattle, hoping that this race was in existence in 1779.
Now the incident card "hot weather" may be drawn.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Dear fridericus,
The new wagon is a wonderful assemblage. If you wanted to you could even use the original driver with the whip on the other side. These type of accessories are wonderful to have as objectives or battlefield accessories.
Well done, sir. Well done.
Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

Phil said...

Very nice! Beautiful figures and great colors...