Monday, 14 April 2014

Raiding Rangers

Redoubt rangers on board my scratch-built whale boat

I admit, my rangers are out of date: They are French and Indian War rangers by Redoubt Enterprises. I got them from Trevor Body as extra figures, because I wanted to man my scratch-built whale boat. That was kindly enough, wasn't it? They are very nice sculpts and painted extremely well. It was a pleasure colouring them!
The whale boat itself is a by-product of a modelling project I started for Lance Cawkwell of Galloping Major. It all began when I thanked him for his extra sailor, and added a link to my blog. Well, he somehow thought I might make a whale boat model for him. I was flattered, and started with a cardboard model I manned with some unfinished sailors.

The first cardboard model to show the dimension
When I got permission to go on, I built my experimental version to find out how best to scratch-build the model. I used thin aeroplane plywood, cardboard and balsa wood, and got this result:
The first experimental version of the whale boat
When this was approved of by Lance, I set out to build the real thing, trying to avoid the mistakes I had made before. This is what I got:
I sent it to Lance (together with an extra oar), hoping that one day he will have been able to make a mold from it, cast it in resin and metal (oars, swivel gun, steering lock and oar), for you to add to your gaming table - with a crew of rangers, of course.
The old cardboard model I did not cast away, however. I made some changes, asked Trevor for his crew of rangers, and incorporated it into my fleet.
Another view of my new craft


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Fridericus,
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the clothing of your rangers. here in the Americas you'd find the clothing consistent up to the 1790's and somewhat beyond. We are watching a program here on the Setauket Spy Ring that assisted Washington, and the clothing was almost identical to the folks in your long boat. Nice job.
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

Phil said...

Well done, love this boat!