Saturday, 24 May 2014

British Gunboat

Model of a British gunboat of 1800
Since I had seen this model of a British gunboat, and discovered the plan of a similar boat of 1776, I have had the idea to build a tabletop model of a boat like this to fight against my Continental gundalow "Philadelphia".
As a method of construction I utilized my experience with the whale-boat, i.e. starting with a base of plywood (designed somewhat broader than the real thing, in order to get in enough crew members), adding the bow and - in this case - the stern plate, and forming the sides with several layers of grey cardboard, glued together with white glue. It worked again, even with this bigger ship. The rest was made of thin aeroplane plywood, cardboard, some balsa wood and dowel.
This is what I got:

 Especially proud I am with my movable gun in the bow of the ship:
Firing position

After the recoil

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AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Very nicely done. Fine detail work and it looks the part.