Sunday, 24 August 2014

Armed Civilians

Remembering the last game of our group I wanted to add some armed civilians defending their homesteads to our range of figures. I ordered the settlers defending packages from Galloping Major, and combined them with the  "Civilians Defending Homestead" and "Standing Firing" sets by Redoubt Enterprises. The old-fashioned clothing of the figures is acceptable, I think, as civilians in the country didn't alter their fashions as fast as citizens in the cities. And what are 50 years in a period when sons usually inherited the clothes of their fathers? The 18th century didn't know the throw-away mentality of our days, after all.

The parson, set in front of his church door
(the church has yet to be built)
Painting the figures was great fun, especially the characters of the sets. I do like the parson with his Bible and pistol, and the shopkeeper with his blunderbus.
The shop-keeper in font of the store building (seems to be Mr. Prentis in person)
Here are some photos.
Settlers defending 3 (Galloping Major)
Settlers defending 1 (Galloping Major)

Settlers defending 2 (Galloping Major)
Civilians defending homestead and firing (Redoubt)
Civilians defending homestead and firing (Redoubt)
Soldiers free figures by Galloping Major (Galloping Major)

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