Saturday, 23 August 2014

Grenadier Company 74th Regiment of Foot

The 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot was a line infantry regiment especially raised to fight in the American War of Revolution.
In December 1777, John Campbell of Barbreck received letters from the King to raise a regiment of infantry in the county of Argyll for service in the regular army. Campbell was a veteran of the old 78th, or Fraser Highlanders, of The French and Indian War. The regiment was complete in May 1778, and sailed for Halifax, Nova Scotia, in August 1778.
The regiment's grenadier and light infantry companies joined the main British army in New York in the spring of 1779, while the remainder of the regiment moved to Bagaduce in Massachusetts.
The grenadier and light companies served with General Clinton in South Carolina in 1779 and 1780.
The uniform of the grenadiers was the usual red coats of the highland regiments, faced yellow with silver (officers) and white lace (rank and file). The buttons were of silver and pewter. They wore the usual fur caps with black and silver front plates. A matter of discussion is their tartan. Most think that they used the Government tartan like the Black Watch (42nd), others suggest that it was the Forbes tartan, which was similar, the only difference being a white (greyish) stripe in the centre of the green stripes.
Forbes tartan
I decided to paint the Forbes tartan - for a difference.
The grenadier company in ranks
Senn from behind
The figures are Highland grenadiers of the FIW range by Redoubt Enterprises. I don't mind their somewhat dwarfish proportions, which allow more physiognomical characteristics, their heads being more the size of 40mm figures. However, their uniforms are a bit old-fashioned. But they show the traditional Highland equipment, which was typical for this regiment. I tried to modernize their uniform jackets with paint, which was the least troublesome method, and sufficient for the game table, I think.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a Highland piper with a grenadier cap. So the company consists of an officer, a drummer, a sergeant (converted ensign), and six grenadiers. They are singly based on washers. So I can arrange them on a bit of magnetic foil, either in column, or in two ranks, as needed.

The company marching
Another view


Phil said...

Very nice, a great work on the tartans!

Fridericus said...

Thank you, Phil,
actually painting the tartans was very simple. I first painted the plaids dark blue, then added dark green horizontal and vertical lines. The crossings of these lines got light green dots. And finally I painted the greyish white lines into the centres of the geen lines. It sounds complicated but is very simple to do.