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14th Continental Regiment

This regiment is also known under its nicknames "Glover's Regiment" or "Marblehead regiment" (originally Marblehead Militia), after its commander John Glover respectively their hometown. It consisted almost entirely of seafaring men from the area around Marblehead in Massachusetts.
The regiment was also known as the "amphibious regiment", as they manned the boats during the New York and New Jersey campaigns of 1776.
The regiment was almost entirely composed of fishermen and sailors from Marblehead, among them many coloured men. At first General Washington was not in favour of this fact. He preferred all-white regiments. However, as things went wrong in the Battle of Long Island in August 1776, he depended on the vital nautical skills of the Marbleheaders: Glover's Marblehead men evacuated Washington's army to Manhattan in a nighttime operation, saving them from being entrapped and taken prisoner. In the following New York campaign the regiment fought well against the British with courage and stamina.
The last action of the regiment was its most famous: ferrying Washington's army across the Delaware in a snow-storm for a surprise attack on the three regiments of the Hessian garrison at Trenton in December 1776. The regiment was disbanded as enlistments expired at year's end.
The uniform "consisted of a  blue round jacket and trousers, trimmed with leather buttons; and Colonel Glover was the most finely dressed officer of the army at Cambridge." (Lossing). Other sources suggest a brown coat faced red. But no one really knows if there really was anything like a uniform in 1775 and 1776. A "nautical" look seems most appropriate. That means short jackets, wide slops or trousers, caps, narrow brimmed hats etc.
Figures for this unit in typical nautical outfit can be found with Eureka Miniatures (1 officer, 1ensign, 1 drummer, and 4 rank and file types), and with FistoriFigs Miniatures (1 officer, 7 Marbleheaders, and 2 sailors). Other figures in trousers can also be used, I think.
Eureka Marbleheader command with naval flag
Eureka Marbleheader figures
Eureka figures
Perry figures in trousers painted as Marbleheaders
HistoriFig Marbleheaders and 2 sailors

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