Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Füsilier Regiment von Lossberg

This was one of the three Hessian regiments that had to capitulate at Trenton. The regiment had no grenadiers as they had been used to form the Grenadier Bataillon von Minigerode. So it consisted of fusileers only. As figures I chose the 7YW fusileers by Black Hussar Miniatures because they wear the typical Hessian gaitors. Hessian commanders were very traditionally minded and stuck to the equipment they were used to. So there was no changing breeches and gaitors for gaitor trousers. I didn't mind minor uniform changes that took place between 1763 and 1776 because the general appearance hadn't changed much. But still there were some problems to be solved.
The first of these concerned the colours the regiment was carrying. The earliest contemporary picture is the Thalmann drawing of 1786. It is nice to look at.

However it has got some flaws! First of all the Hessian crowned and armed lion is facing into the wrong direction. It should look forward (towards the staff).
Hesse-Cassel lion of a later period (with split tail)

This can easily be veryfied by looking at the coins of the period.

Hessen-Cassel Thaler (dollar)
Hessen-Hanau Heller

The lion facing backwards is the Hessen-Hanau version. Probably the artist used it in 1786 when Wilhelm IX of Hessen-Hanau, the hereditary prince, became the ruler of Hessen-Cassel. A kowtow to the new ruler. So much for that.
The next mistake in the ensign is the "tulip" in the orange fields between the corner flames. Of course these ought to be exploding grenades!
When I made my two colours of the regiment I didn't bother though to correct these mistakes. I just used my Picture Publisher programme and my printer to produce paper colours for the regiment. The design was just too much for my artistic painting abilities - and I forgot that I could just as well have used my computer for the correction.
Corrected colours
As you will notice there is a third difference to the original Thalmann drawing: the ducal crown in the top field section is larger, and there is no grenade there.
The next question arose when I started painting the fusileer caps. Fortunately some caps and remains of caps have survived. They all belong to another regiment that was captured at Trenton, Fusilier Regiment von Knyphausen But the construction of the cap was the same.
Mitre cap of the Fusilier Regiment von Knyphausen
(National Museum of American History)
So I could start painting. Here is my Füsilier-Regiment von Lossberg, NCO and drummer marching at the rear:

With flying colours (the one with the white staff is the Leibfahne)

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