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Grenadier Bataillon von Minnigerode

One of the four grenadier battalions Hessen-Kassel sent to America in 1776, was the von Minnigerode battalion. It was named after its commander, Oberst (colonel) Christoph von Minnigerode. He was wounded during the attack on Fort Redbank, and died in  New York on October 10, 1778. His successor was Oberst Wilhelm von Loewenstein.
The battalion was formed of the grenadier companies of the Erbprinz, von Ditfurth, von Lossberg, and von Knyphausen regiments. So there are four different uniforms to be found in the battalion. All wore the typical Hesse-Cassel blue coats, but their facings and mitre caps were different, and the von Knyphausen soldiers had buff and not white small clothes.

There is no contemporary pictorial evidence what their mitre caps looked like, the earliest source, the Darmstadt Manuscript (lost in WW II), dating from 1786. And there are no surviving specimens either in the United States nor in Germany. However, there is the "Buchsweiler Inventar" (inventory), a list of equipment of all Hesse-Cassel troups. The remarks there read as follows (in my translation of the vital bits of information):

Grenadier cap: Front plate and headband completely silvered. […] Backing peach-coloured [a pinkish colour], white braids, pompom peach-coloured.
von Ditfurth
Grenadier cap: Front plate and headband completely silvered. […] The backing is yellow with white braids, the pompom yellow.
von Lossberg
Grenadier cap: Front plate and headband of brass. […] Backing and Pompom orange with white braids. […]
von Knyphausen
Grenadier cap: Brass front plate and headband, […]. Backing straw-coloured [“paille”] with white braids, pompom white.

The figures I used are again Black Hussar products, only the colonel on foot and the carpenters are from Minden Miniatures. They are clean and well sculped and paint easily.
Grenadier Bataillon von Minnigerode
(on the right are four extra figures, in case I would need them)
Officer and grenadiers of the von Ditfurth regiment
Officer of the Regiment Erbprinz
NCO and drummer
(they usually stay at the rear of the advancing regiment)

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