Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Colonel of the 84th Foot

Since my former colonel of the 84th Regiment of Foot had been tranfered to the 71st (where he, being a jackdaw figure, originally belonged) I had to have a new mounted officer for my Royal Highland Emigrants. Here he is:

As I am planning to have my 42nd in gaiter trousers, he might just as well switch to that regiment - the only difference being the green dots on his cap ribbon (the 42nd's were blue). But I'm sure nobody will notice on the table.
By the way, he is a King's Mountain figure.

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84th Regiment RHE said...

Dear Fridericus, Im an expert on the 84th with 30 years worth of reaserch to share. I like your work and would like to commission four sets (1st & 2nd) bns and the 1775 RP Battalion. and the 1776 first issue of highland clothing in Boston. I have 3 or 4 packets of figures. I am also willing to trade my large 1812 British and American units. I has every company and regiment. I did these in the 70s and have not used them since. I can supply very detailed information on each year variation of uniforms. I also have art work and artefacts. If you are interested, please contact me. I collect 84th items and York and Lancaster Regiment figures, uniforms and badges. The only problem is the 84th enlisted did not have diced bonnets. Cheers. Kim Stacy