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Ansbach-Bayreuther Jägerkompanie

Beside two regiments of infantry the principality of Ansbach-Bayreuth provided a company of jaegers for service with the British Crown Forces in North-America.
Their uniform closely followed the Prussian pattern: They wore green coats with crimson turnbacks, lapels, cuffs and collars. And they had green waistcoats, white breeches, and black long gaiters. Their hats were black, the edges bound in black worsted tape. The cockade was black, too.


They were armed with the German short jaeger rifle. So they did not carry bayonets, a hirschfaenger (long hunting-knife) serving as a sidearm. Their cartridges were usually kept in a black waist belt box, otherwise all leather was brown.

The figures I used are plastic miniatures from the pack “Hessian Regiment” by Warlord Games (Black Powder). The sculpt is clear, sometimes a bit flat (e.g. the canteens); the possible poses require some knowledge of anatomy. But still the result is not always satisfying, the figures tending to a certain stiffness (cf. the firing types). Assembling the figures proved a bit tricky for my old fingers and eyes. I had to make use of a double head lens and pincers, and still produced some flaws.

There are no special jaeger bodies in the pack, just ordinary infantry ones. So there are no belly cartridge boxes, just the usual (too small) boxes carried on the right hip. That couldn’t be helped. But I produced some belt cartridge boxes from spare parts on the frame. Simple hats with cockades, rifles and hirschfaengers are provided. The latter I changed to an open grip. In order to resemble the company (ratio 1:20), I made three jaegers and an NCO from the figures intended to be assembled as jaegers. The NCO as the only command figure can be identified by a gold rim on his cuffs and a gold aiguillette on his right shoulder. Otherwise NCOs were equipped like the rank and file.

The Ansbach-Bayreuth jaegers were usually brought into action together with other jaeger units, e.g. from Hesse-Cassel.
This leads to a problem with the rest of my miniatures. I have some Hesse-Cassel jaegers made of Prussian jaeger types by Minden Miniatures, and some Hesse-Hanau jaegers originally Perry Miniatures. The Minden Figures are anatomically more correct, but a bit slim compared to traditional tabletop miniatures. But still both products are 28mm figures. The plastic men from the Warlord box are rather tall, measuring 33mm from toe to crown. Veritable giants fit for the old Prussian “Lange Kerls” of the Potsdam Riesengarde. So they will be put on the table some distance from their Hessian colleagues.
Size comparison: Minden , Perry, and Warlord Games miniatures
(Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Hanau, Ansbach-Bayreuth)
Finally, I am not a purist.

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Well you are more of a purist than I. I would not have even attempted the belly boxes. Well done they look Grand and another nice unusual addition to your collection.

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