Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Blockhouses were very common in North America, either as single defences, or as part of larger fortifications. The most widespread type is the two-storey building, the groundfloor of which is either of stone or of timber, and the upper storey protuding so that defenders can fire down trough machcoli in the floor at attackers who have managed to get next to the wall.

Fort Hawkins
They were used from the French and Indian War well into the 19th century.
My blockhoulse has a stone groundfloor and a timber upper storey, the latter with gun ports. The cardboard roof is covered with shingles. Instead of a look-out there is a central chimney.
The Ansbach grenadiers (Warlord Games figures) are added for size comparison
The material I used is mainly 4mm plywood, the upper storey with a layer of balsa wood. For the roof I used cardboard and laser-cut shingles by Charlie Foxtrot Models. By the way: The stone wall is a product of my computer printer.
Here are some more pictures of the thing:

The groundfloor with the fireplace
The upper storey with machcolis, trapdoor and a cannon
Detail of the gun port
An attacker's view of the machcolis

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