Friday, 26 August 2016

The stockade

Stockades are a very old form of defence. In America they were used by Indians and the first settlers, and continued well into the 19th century, usually at the frontier. They served as temporary miltary defences as well as defences of single farms or of whole setllements.
Masterton Stockade of 1669
1832 civilian fort with stackade and blockhouse
(Apple River Fort replica, Elizabeth, Illinois, USA)
I conceived my stockade again as a module construction. It consists of 3 straight sections, a gate section, 4 corner sections, 2 inner angle sections, and 2 stone basements and a new timbered ground floor for my blockhouse.

straight section
front view with some Indian figures

corner section
gate section with moveable gate wings
inner angle section (used with the settlement enclosure below to create a protruding sectin of the defence)
stone basement 1
stone basement 2
new timber ground floor for my blockhouse
With these parts it is possible to build differnt simple fortifications on the gaming table.
corner of a small fort with a defending blockhouse
blockhouse with stockade enclosure
the same blockhouse with an additional stone basement

enclosure of a small settlement
 The use of the stockade is not limited to the American Revolutionary War, of course.


Daniel Kischko said...

Really nice work.
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Very nice,
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