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The 42nd (Highland) Regiment of Foot at Monmouth

The 42nd Regiment of Foot in 1778
The 42nd Regiment was one of the first three Highland Regiments to fight in North America.
It fought at many battles, among them also at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28th, 1778. They were part of the 3rd Brigade under General Charles Grey, 1st Earl Grey.
Storming forwards
When Clinton and Cornwallis, emboldened by the earlier American retreat, decided to press the attack, the 42nd Foot, the famed Black Watch, would lead the way against Lord Stirling on the American left. But a Yankee battery of 12 big guns under the command of Edward Carrington, extending from those on Comb’s Hill, opened on the attacking British infantry, among them the  Highlanders of the 42nd regiment, with such fury that they were forced to fall back. The heavy artillery fire with canister shot and 2 ounce iron grapeshot forced the Scotsmen to take protection in the apple orchard of Sutfin’s Farm. Battlefield archaeologists were able to precisely locate this orchard by the mass of shot concentrated in this spot.
The NCOs
In 1778 the Highlanders were no longer wearing their Highland garb. They looked almost like ordinary British infantry, but for their bonnets, and their officers and NCOs wearing the scarves over the shoulder and not around the waist.
The Regimental Colours
The figures I used are King’s Mountain Miniatures I obtained from Galloping Major. They are nicely sculpted and paint well. The lowered colours, kneeling men, and the types of falling soldiers and the casualty figure fit quite well for the situation at the Battle of Monmouth.
Colonel and Captain
Drummer, Piper and Captain

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