Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Cheap Dirt Road

When we played our last game we were in need of metres of road and had to indicate the borders of our mile long road from Centerville to Rocky Beach by hedges and bushes beside the track.
Dutch style wagon with shire horses (Hovels)
So I decided to make some road pieces. As it turned out this was quite simple. I found some cheap mable coloured adhesive floor tiles by a Belgian firm from which I could cut my road pieces. A pack of 1.3 square metres cost me 9.90 Euro plus postage.
The pack of floor tiles by Gerflor
This is what a single tile looks like.
And this is a strip cut from it to become a straight road module
My plan was tomake the road from modular pieces. The dirt road was to be 4.5 cm wide. The set consists of straight pieces of 15.25 cm length (the tiles are 30.5 by 30.5 centimetres), crossroads, biforcation pieces, meandering pieces, and curves.
I first cut the pieces from the tiles with the help of a steel ruler and a cutter, and with a pair of metal sheet scissors. Then I painted the borders of the road and the middle stripe green, 
and then glued a mixture of green and brown colured sawdust onto the gleen spots with white glue.
That was it. Simple and cheap, and not too bad looking.
A portion of road with a scratch built Dutch type cart
Canon with limber on the road


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Very nicely done, roads, wagon and limber!

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